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Bios and Presentations

The Grit Crew (presenters)

Tom Carr, president of, is a recently retired counselor in public schools of thirty years. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Guidance from Syracuse University. Tom has authored fourteen books for parents and educators. He has presented over 400 workshops for educators and parents throughout the United States and Canada. Tom is an avid long-distance runner. He has run nearly 48,000 miles in the last thirty years and has completed sixteen marathons. Tom and his wife Carlye have been married for 45 years and they have two children, Sarah and Aaron.

Aaron Carr, vice president of, is presently employed as an eighth grade math teacher for Orange County Schools in North Carolina. Aaron received his Bachelor’s Degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He coaches football, and wrestling. His wrestling team has won 14 consecutive conference titles. Aaron has put forth much time and effort keeping the Fellowship of Christian Athletes program alive at his present school. He also is a serious long-distance runner. In April of 2007 he finished in the top ten percent of all the participants in the prestigious Boston Marathon.

Shawn Hessee exemplifies ‘grit.’ Despite being born with cerebral palsy he graduated from high school and eventually received his Bachelor’s Degree from East Carolina University. Although he has almost no control over his legs he has participated wrestling, wheelchair basketball and hockey, and other sports. He has won numerous athletic awards and once carried the Olympic Torch. Shawn has a great way of relating to his audience. His message of “never give up” is powerful!

Are you looking for an exciting, motivational “GOT GRIT? Presentation” for your school, church, or organization?

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